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We are Stronger Together. Groups of 10. Valid for 12 Months. 2pm

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1hr Monthly Microsoft Teams Meeting Groups of 10 Unlimited Emails throughout the year. Answered within 24 Business hrs. *Option to book extra 1 on 1 meetings available* This 12 week workshop has been adapted to work on throughout the year giving a more relaxed pace, it will transform your life starting with mindset. It is broken down in a simple understandable way and all it requires is you put effort in to yourself. 2ruEgo was designed using a standard deck of playing cards, which allow you to get to know your shadow self, your higher self and having tools to help you be accepting of yourself as you are at this moment. Week 1, Simple Introduction into Ego and the 2ruEgo workshop Who am I? Week 2, Ace - Take a breath- Tools to keep your mind Open and Free. Jack- Know your worth- Overcoming the Inner Bully! Week 3, Queen- You have all you need- Targeting Insecurities. King- Inner Wisdom- Seeing yourself in your Power. Joker- Controlling Control- Learning that you can only control yourself. Week 4, 2- Love is all around- Knowing Unconditional Love. Week 5, 3- In search of a Oneness- Be yourself Authentically. Week 6, 4- Ready Steady GO GO GO- Believing in your decisions. Introducing EFT Tapping Promoting change of Mindset. Week 7, 5- Balance- Giving yourself what you Need to be in Alignment. Week 8, 6- Planting seeds- Insights into The Law of Attraction. Week 9, 7- Perseverance and Patience- Learning in-action is as important as action. Week 10, 8- Universally Inspired Changes- Trusting in Change. Week 11, 9- Come On In Out Of The Rain- Trusting in opportunities and releasing past hurts. Week 12, 10- Ebb and Flow- Let go of fear. 2ruEgo Who Am I? has been designed around my own life's experiences offering the Stories and Lessons I have learned and the Tools I have gained to help with my own much needed healing. If you feel ready to start getting to know you, putting yourself first, giving yourself love, knowing what you are about, then this is the perfect place for you. This workshop will reveal many resistances to change but know that you are stronger than any part of your Ego. You are stronger than you think and can move beyond your wildest dreams if you can commit to yourself. *Extra 1-1 calls, 149€ per hour

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